The Comeback Of Pedestal Sinks Illustrated With Sophisticated Designs

When the pedestal sink first became popular, it was the most elegant and refined a sink could be and the design revolutionized bathrooms across the world. A while later the trend passed and a new look was preferred, followed by another and then another. We’ve now witnessing a renaissance of the freestanding sink, with modern and chic designs that reinvent the classic.

The design of the Ago85 sink is simple and fluid, featuring delicate lines and a seamless connection between the base and the basin. It’s a versatile sink capable of being the focal point of just about any modern or contemporary bathroom. It comes in a variety of beautiful colors. There’s also a marble version that shares the same design: Ago 185.

Antolini offers a wide range of gorgeous collections that make the most of what each material and finish has to offer. This is the Invisible Grey series and, as you can see, it’s exquisite.  Check out these magnificent freestanding sink and how elegant and sophisticated they look, blending simple forms and a careful selection of materials.

The Introverso series takes the pedestal sink to a whole new level. The inspiration for this design was the shape within the form. In other words, the design suggests that the elegant silhouette of this pedestal sink was hidden inside the marble block and needed to be revealed, much like a sculpture. The shape of the sink is outlined by a series of thin strips of marble.

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These are the Toio and Bobo freestanding washbasins from Eto. They’re graceful and elegant without adopting a very thin silhouette. They’re capable both of standing out and of blending in. Their minimalism gives them character and makes them extra charming. The designs are a harmonious blend of grace and uncomplicated charm.

How about a little bit of drama in the bathroom? The Moloco is both a sink and a sculpture and we can’t decide which function suits it better.  Some well-placed ambient lighting can enhance the design even more and even give it a dramatic allure. Paired with the right fixture, it can look amazing.

Freestanding sinks are making a great comeback right now and with designs like this one from Casabath you can’t really go wrong. It’s not just the overall simplicity of the design that makes this a beautiful piece but also the delicacy and softness of the lines and edges. You can pair it with floor- or wall-mounted faucets.

The Small Desco pedestal sink designed by Vittorio Longheu stands out and that’s mostly due to its unusual form which combines a cylindrical base and a flat circular top, like a rim which extends to offer space for toiletries and for the faucet. The sink is entirely made of marble.

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This freestanding sink is part of the Lariana series designed by Patricia Urquiola. The collection is defined by straight and simple lines combined with soft curves and delicate silhouettes. These contrasting elements complement each other and contribute to designs that are visually striking but also highly practical and functional.



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