The Box Doccia shower system by Francesco Lucchese

Most bathrooms don’t have the space necessary to include both a shower unit and a bathtub. Moreover, people tend to prefer the shower and this is another reason so try to save some space. And since there’s no reason not to add style to all that, we present you the Box doccia collection.The system includes colorful shower units. You can choose between the corner (Degree 45°) or central (Degree 130°) shower boxes.The units are part of the Degree collection and they have been designed by Francesco Lucchese for Bmood. There are lots of other designs for shower units but none of them is even close to this one.

It’s not that it brings anything unique or new to the place but the fact that it’s so simple and yet so different and attractive.The Degree shower boxes feature beautiful round shapes and they are made of metal frames and transparent panels. They have a very lightweight design and the bright and vibrant colors are also a big part of the design. The panels perform a rotating movement that takes place on two pins.

The structure is not connected to the tray but to the wall and this way it becomes an integral part of the shower box. This collection brings color into our homes. I personally prefer something fun and colorful instead of the same old gray or transparent designs.

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