The Bathtub Refinishing Project – What It Takes And How To Do It

When working on a bathroom remodel, a big dilemma comes up and it has to do with the tub. Basically you have to decide if you should refinish your tub or if it would be best to replace it altogether. Unless the tub is in very bad shape beyond repair or if you want a complete change of style, we suggest to keep the old one and to make it look beautiful once again. If you like to get your hands dirty then you could do all the work yourself which could be super satisfying. We have some projects that might help set you on the right track.

If all your tub needs is a fresh coat of paint, that’s a pretty easy thing to do. Get your set some refinishing kits and start cleaning and patching. Make sure you leave the window open and use a mask because these things have a strong odor. The painting process itself can be a bit tricky so make sure you have all the right tools and supplies for the job. Also, make sure you protect the surroundings with some drop cloth so you don’t give yourself more challenges than you need to. There’s a very detailed tutorial on sweetteal that you can follow.

Be prepared for this project to take up your entire day. There’s plenty of work to be done. You need clean and prep the tub and the surrounding area before you actually get to paint it and after that you need to apply several coats in order to get good coverage. Of course, it’s all worth the effort when you see how beautiful the tub looks when you’re done with it. It basically looks like new. Check out addicted2decorating to find out more tips about this sort of project.

If the tub is in good shape structurally and you like its overall size and style then it’s worth keeping it, no matter how ugly it may look. You can quite easily refinish the tub and make it look amazing. It’s good to not be discouraged by the initial look of things and to try to see the potential in everything. In this case, the transformation can be quite drastic. We suggest checking out mycreativedays to see just how much of a difference a bit of care and attention can do.

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The whole bathtub refinishing process is not that difficult. We can break it into a few simple and clear steps. The first thing you need to do is thoroughly clean the tub. After that it’s time to start sanding and this part can be quite easy if you use an orbital sander. Next, you need to wipe the tub clean and to make sure there are no dust particles anywhere. Tape off the fixtures and all other surfaces that you want to protect and then apply the first coat of epoxy. Let it dry overnight and then apply a second coat. That’s usually all it takes. You can then remove all the tape and cloth and enjoy your new tub and once it’s all nice and dry. Additional details can be found on perfectionhangover.

The prep work that goes into refinishing a tub is just as important as the painting process. It’s very important to get rid of all the caulk and dirt before you can even begin to prep the tub for the next part of the project. It takes quite a bit of time and effort and you might need to use some special products in some cases. Once this whole part is done it’s time to start painting the tub but not before you cover up all the walls, floor and fixtures that you don’t want to get epoxy on. You can have a look at this tutorial from loveandrenovations for more details and tips.

If you can get your hands on an old clawfoot tub you should definitely hang on to it because it has great potential. Once you clean it up and refinish it, it will look amazing. The process is a bit different than usual because you also have to refinish the exterior and depending on the design there may be extra details and ornaments to take care of. You can find out all the details on younghouselove.

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Old clawfoot tubs are very beautiful and definitely worth restoring. Finding the tub can be quite tricky and may take a bit of time and research. Figuring out whether or not a tub is worth buying is a challenge in itself. Once you have the tub, you might need to also replace or remove some plumbing in your bathroom. Only then you can actually start the whole bathtub refinishing process. You can find additional details on accidentalhippies.

Bathtub refinishing kit available on Amazon.
1. Rust-Oleum 7860519

If you don’t want to get lost in all the details, it’s best to use a tub repair kit that can be used on its own without the need for any extra supplies. This one fits the description. The Rust-Oleum 7860519 kit includes two parts that you need to mix together. Once you have the mixture ready, apply the epoxy to the tub making sure to cover all the damaged areas.

2. Devcon Epoxy Bathtub Repair Kit

This tub repair kit is another great choice. It’s easy to use and works on fiberglass, porcelain and plastic. It’s great for fixing and refinishing tubs, sinks and toilets, providing a water-resistant finish. You can get this in a white or almond color which would suit most types of bathrooms and kitchens.

3. Sheffield 1126 Porcelain

If your tub is in mostly good shape and all it needs is a few touch ups and small repairs, you can fix it quite easily using a touch-up kit since there’s no need to invest time and effort into refinishing the whole thing. You can use this kit to cover up any scratches and scuffs on small areas. You can also use this on sinks and other surfaces in case they have any cracks as well. The kit makes the repairs fast and easy, allowing you to enjoy your fixtures for a long time.



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