The Axor Massaud for your bathroom

The bathroom is the place from our house where we enter to relax and forget about all the stressful day we passed. Our life is more and more distant from nature and closer to the artificiality of the urban environment. We have forgotten about the beauty of an untouched corner of nature, about the whisper of a running water or about the sensual and harmonious shape of a thread of grass. The ones that haven’t yet forgotten about the beauty of nature, can’t afford to escape every day from the crowed and nosy city. This is why the French designer Jean-Marie Massaud created the new Axor Massaud, a new bathroom facility for classy houses and for the ones that want to relax in a place that copies the elegance of nature.

The Axor Massaud imitated the natural falling of the water and it is designed in a way that hides the technology lies, for a more authentic look. The product can be installed on your sink, bathtub, shower or bidet. The Axor Massaud has a chrome design which makes it even more elegant. Its color reflects the light which gives an amazing sensation to the viewer. Falling water and sparkling light, these are the main elements that recreate the impression of a forest source during a spring time.

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The Axor Massaud uses modern technology combined with an amazing design to bring inside your bathroom a piece of nature. You will feel more relaxed and enjoy the moments with your own, just like in a forest.



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