The 1930s Laboratory Bathroom Collection by Restoration Hardware

The 1930s Laboratory Collection is an unusual set of bathroom furniture. It was designed by Restoration Hardware and it’s not the design or the details that make it so special but the choice of material the designers have made. The pieces from this collection are made from stainless steel. It’s an unusual choice of material for a series of bathroom furniture. However, when you think about it, it seems like a logical option.

The stainless steel pieces are very strong and durable and abet i withstand basically anything you throw at them, both literary and figuratively. This is a collection of vanities and storage cabinets and they all feature zinc hardware and customizable Italian marble tops. Because the materials sued to create them are very rough in nature, the pieces have rounded finishes throughout. They feature natural steel colors and they lack any unnecessary details such as carved decorations and other accessories.

The series of vanities and storage cabinets have simple designs and minimalist structures. They have been designed to be, first of all, functional. The vanity has plenty of storage space inside. It includes drawers on both sides as well as a larger storage compartment in the middle. The cabinets are also very functional. They have glass doors that allow you to see through and several shelves. They allow to efficiently organize your bathroom space and they also reinvent the whole concept of bathroom furniture.Available on site.

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