Tempting Calla Bathtub by Jurii Cegla

Besides the fact that winter holidays bring us a lot of joy and enthusiasm, there many agitated moments that come previously their arrival. These moments are related to things like cleaning the house, prepare the decorations, and find the perfect food and the right Christmas presents.

Perhaps the moments which do not bring us too much joy are related to housekeeping. We try to make every corner of our house to sparkle and have the cleanest place that we have met where we can feel nice, comfortable and safe. These days I was also very busy with things like cleaning the dust, washing the windows checking the wardrobes, rearranging some other places in the house and my list is not over yet. After so much dust and work all I needed was a nice bath a good nap which could make me become a new person.

Perhaps a Calla bathtub could have mean more relaxing than my usual bathtub. As its name says its interesting and modern design was inspired by the elegance of a calla flower. Although it has nothing else spectacular, its designer, Jurii Cegla succeeded to create the perfect place where you can relax and feel great for the Italian sanitary ware manufacturers TEUCO. Take a look and who knows maybe you will be tempted to try it!

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