Sweetcake baby bathtub from Beerd van Stokkum

When you have a baby you are very happy that a new family member has appeared and everything seems nice and pink and beautiful. But apart from this, there are so many complications in your life once the baby is born! You must change your life style completely and even your house in order to make everything right for the little being. Let’s take for example the daily evening bath! You can’t use the normal bathtub for that because it would be giant in size when compared to your precious baby and totally improper for babies. They can slip and get hurt , so they need special bathtubs that are tiny and nice, colourful if possible to make them feel happy and comfortable.

This is how the idea of making a multifunctional colorful bathtub first came to Beerd van Stokkum‘s head one day. So she designed a very nice looking baby bathtub that is shaped like a cupcake. And since all children certainly love sweetcakes, I bet they will be immediately attracted to this baby bathtub. It looks familiar and also brings them joy by being so colourful, that they will certainly love to take a bath there. And it is very important to make them love bathing because it is beneficial for the long term, developing a very healthy habit.

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These attractive baby bathtubs look like cupcakes and are made of a nice, eco-friendly material that can be reused and recycles. But what’s more you can use it in many ways: it’s the perfect bathtub for your child, as it is made to fit its tiny size and it’s perfectly safe for the kids, then you can use it as support for the flowers in the garden and even for depositing the sand for your children’ s sand box.

You can use it for depositing the just dried laundry or for gathering the kids toys when they are all over the place. It is not as dangerous as the usual bathtubs where the children can get hurt if they slip and it is very easily placed anywhere in order to store them when you no longer need them. If you have more than one such sweetcake bathtub you can put one on top of each other and have a coloured stack of bathtubs.You can also use them as a home for your pet – either a dog or a cat and, if you want to make them even more comfortable, just put a nice soft pillow in.

You can order them directly online if you visit the producer’s web site and you can choose one of the many colours available.

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