Suspended Bathroom cabinet with Doors

The suspended bathroom cabinet with doors is one of the futuristic designers for your bathroom. The cabinet wall that has many drawers for fitting your bathroom equipment like: towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hand/body cream, etc. The form of the suspended bathroom cabinet is very beautiful. With oval shaped cupboards the bathroom looks like one from another planet.

You will enjoy spending time in your bathroom with this incredible design. The best part is that you would like to arrange stuff in your bathroom, I think that will be because the cabinet is so beautiful and you will never find a way to arrange the things so that they will go as perfect as the cabinet is. The bathroom cabinet from IPe comes with spotlights, that is making it look more like you will want to present your bathroom to someone, you know like those cars that set on the stage with lights coming on top of her from many directions. You will enjoy spending time in your bathroom, you will be very relaxed and pleased with this extravagant bathroom cabinet design.

The suspended cabinet can be combined with a center oval form bathtub so that the bathroom will be more and more futuristic. The sink is in the same oval form, the mirror above the sink is just the same! You will need to become oval when you enter the room, I don’t know, maybe wear a towel with oval form on it and things like that.

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