Sublime Aquatech Bath Items by Kerasan

Designer Massimiliano Ciocconi from Kerasan created a beautiful blend of rounded forms and bold traits which is a salient feature  of this new Aquatech line.Characterized as a wall hung washbasin, toilet and  bidet this marvelous obects are cut along  the bottom at an unsual slant higly contrasting with the perfect flat top surface.These particularly objects could be stars in any bathroom setting.

It is striking stylish and  also generously sized this collection.The washbasin for example has been sized to 70x52x30 cm.The entire collection comes in two variants: all white or two-colour, with a white interior  juxtaposed to a black exterior and  also all the articles are availiable in matt or glossy versions as you may prefer.

For the toilet bowl has implemented a new technology consisting in a  very high- efficiency flushing system that reduces water consumption  drastically.This system offers a choice between partial discharge with 3 liters of water or total discharge  with 4.5 liters compared with a normal quantity of 9 liters of fluid.Another state-of-the-art  feature of this toilet bowl  is a special quick release hinge that enables the seat to be removed by simply lifting it and replace it with a single click, making cleaning much easier.Take it as as you want and call it as you may like but this collection of santary objects is  truly beautiful and smooth.Perfect for a classy modern design.

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