Stylish wooden bathroom collection by Francoceccotti

Wood is a very uncommon material in the bathroom. At first it wasn’t used because of the moisture and the danger of getting quickly deteriorated. However, the wood is now treated and it can be safely used in the bathroom, even in the forms of features such as a washbasin or bathtub. For example, this is a collection of wooden bathroom features and they are all very distinguished and stylish.

The series is manufactured by Francoceccotti. It includes items such as washbasins, bathtubs, benches, chairs and bathroom decorations. The pieces are particularly attractive and striking due to the rarity of the material they are made from inside the bathroom. This collection is called “The Natural Range” and each piece has its own characteristics but hey all form a very harmonious collection. Moreover, since they are all made of wood, each piece is unique. It has small differences in terms of texture, due to the natural wood grain.

The collection includes two different bathtub designs. One of them is the Lympha bathtub with soft edges and a modern look while the other is Agua and is a reflection of old-fashion tubs and their classical designs. There are also three sinks. They include the Petal, a delicate and unique piece, the Thalia with its bowl-shaped design and the Wave with its curvy lines. The collection also includes a series of bathroom accessories such as Pedra which is a lovely clothes stand, the tail – a functional bench, the Ligeira – a stylish chair, the Deck shower tray and the Bridge bath tray.

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