Stylish Ways To Modernize A Subway Tile Shower

Have you ever wondered why subway tiles are called like that? The term makes reference to the tiled walls of New York subway stations from the early 20th century. The style became so popular in time that we still use it. Subway tiles are widely used in bathrooms and kitchens, being appreciated for their simple and classic elegance and also for their versatility. We’re currently interested in the particular way in which a subway tile shower can look beautiful and stylish so we’ll check out a few designs and ideas.

Laying subway tiles can be pretty tricky. Since the individual tiles are small compared to other types, there’s obviously more room for error. Lining up the tiles on adjacent walls is not exactly a walk in the park especially if you’re also installing subway tiles on wall niches, a shower bench or the outside of a tub. This shower, for instance, is all covered in subway tiles, all except for the floor.{found on laurenshadidarch}.

A more practical option is to only install subway tiles on the shower’s walls. This way it’s easier to line up the tiles to create a continuous pattern across the walls. Subway tiles give the shower a classy and at the same time simple look as timeless as they are.{found on alexmaguirephotography}.

Originally, the tiles used on the walls of the NY subway stations were white with a glossy glazed finish and thin grout lines and while the pattern and the overall style were preserved as such, there’s now a wide variety of colors to choose from. This shower, for instance, features dark green subway tiles which contrast with the wooden flooring and frame.

Subway tile shower designs are incredibly versatile and easy to adapt to a variety of styles. This is an eclectic bathroom with elements of modern, industrial and traditional design, The white subway tiles don’t only cover the walls of the shower enclosure but of the entire bathroom, establishing a very elegant contrast with the stained wood ceiling.

There’s actually more than one way to install subway tiles and it all has to do with pattern. The style featured here is better-suited for modern and contemporary decors which are usually defined by minimalism in both form and color.

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If you’re using subway tiles on the shower walls, consider a different style for the flooring. Perhaps mosaic tiles would look nice or maybe you’d enjoy this lovely honeycomb pattern featured here. It’s quirky and it has the same classic flair as the wall tiles but in a different package.

When working with subway tiles, it’s actually the pattern, more exactly the grout lines that stand out the most, not the tiles themselves. Given all that, consider the color combination that you want to define your shower. This dark shade of green is pretty cool and we can see how it would fit nicely in a traditional space or a historic home.

There are also subtle design differences between different types of subway tiles which you have to take into consideration. They may all look similar but they’re definitely not identical. These ones, for example, have beveled edges which highlight the pattern in a cool and interesting way.

As you can see, there are many different possible combinations and variations when it comes to subway tile shower designs. This bathroom is eclectic and combines several materials, colors and finishes in a very pleasant and welcoming manner. We’re particularly fond of the grey concrete surfaces and the way in which they interact with the warm wood elements.

Of course, there are also all the different types of shower enclosures to take into consideration. Each one comes with its own range of possible uses of subway tiles in their designs. If it’s a traditional bathroom design that you have in mind, consider installing a tile border in the shower, one that matches the floor.

A nice idea is to visually differentiate the shower from the rest of the bathroom space and you can do that with subway tile walls that contrast with plain walls painted in a contrasting color or left blank for cohesion. You can also add interest to a bathroom decor through little things like the vanity hardware, the wall mirror or the lighting fixtures.

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Here’s an interesting twist: a subway tile shower enclosure with the tiles installed vertically instead of horizontally. This puts an emphasis on the height of the space plus the vertical lines of the tile pattern aligns with the window frame, the mirrors and other elements in the bathroom. It’s also nice that the shower fits in the corner of the bathroom and has a transparent glass enclosure which maintains an open feel throughout the room.

In addition to the classical subway tile pattern, this shower also stands out thanks to other design elements such as the modern-industrial glass and metal doors and the small pattern on the floor tiles. We like the combination of patterns, finishes and colors and also the fact that the shower tiles get reflected into the wall mirror.

It can be interesting to pair a set of subway tile shower walls with an eye-catching and more graphical floor tile pattern as a way to make the enclosure stand out in the context of the bathroom. In this case, the shower design stays within the minimalism of the timeless black and white combo which is beautifully balanced out by the warm wooden floor. The black ceiling is an interesting and pretty cool detail and so are the sconces and the round wall mirror.

When decorating with subway tiles, especially the white kind, there’s always the risk to make the space look cold and austere so it’s nice to introduce a warm color or a material or a texture able to balance out the ambiance. In this case, that color is brown and is repeated throughout the bathroom in various different forms. Of course, it’s more than that. Check out all the subtle details like the herringbone pattern on the floor or those curved edges of the wall mirror. They all contribute to creating a welcoming ambiance.



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