Stylish Bathrooms With Rounded And Curved Bathtubs

As far as space-efficiency goes, bathtubs that have curved and rounded shapes are definitely not the best option. However, they’re absolutely the most aesthetically-pleasing choice, at this point in time at least. We associate curves and rounded edges with comfort and fluidity and we consider such designs to be less artificial and more organic than those with sharp corners and straight lines.

There are several distinct types of bathtubs defined by smooth and curved silhouettes, each with its own particularities. Oval tubs are probably the most common of all. They’re almost always freestanding and they make great statement pieces in any kind of bathroom. Oval tubs are appreciated for their timeless and delicate aesthetic as well for the comfort they offer. Round tubs form another category which is also known for its visual appeal. Round tubs often stand out and contrast with their surroundings which include straight, linear walls, floors and countertops.

There are also two less common types of tubs with curved shapes. The slipper tub is easy to recognize because it has either one or two raised sloping ends. This allows it to have an ergonomic and comfortable shape and also to acquire a classy, rustic appearance. It’s also a type of tub which can comfortably be shared by two persons at the same time. The second type is the hourglass tub which has an oval shape that curves in the center. It’s known for both its looks and the fact that it’s comfortable.

Any of the mentioned types of tubs can make a wonderful centerpiece and they can all be installed in a variety of ways. For example, round tubs are sometimes embedded into the floor. Regardless of the particularities, all rounded and curved bathtubs share in common a particularly soft, chic and delicate appearance. At the same time, great looks come at a cost: a not so efficient use of space.

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Oval tubs and tubs with smooth curves and sinuous lines are preferred in open space suites. Consider a large bedroom with a tub right there in a corner or by a window. The rest of the bathroom features can still be in a separate space but the tub can be an exception.

Although the tub is often the focal point of the bathroom, that’s not always the case. Sometimes it blends in seamlessly and effortlessly and a sleek and sinuous design makes that very easy.

There are many great ways to make the most out of a stylish oval tub. For instance, make it the focal point of the bathroom. That’s easy to do with a freestanding tub. Highlight the soft curves and fluid lines by creating a zen and welcoming decor. This minimalist one designed by YLAB arquitectos can give you a pretty good idea of what we’re talking about.

Give your beautiful freestanding tub its own separate section of the bathroom. The best spot would be by the window. You can place a potted plant or two next to the tub to create a garden-like, zen decor. The divider can be made of clear glass so the bathroom still looks like a whole.

It’s true that tubs with curved shapes (oval, round, etc) are not the most space-efficient ones but that doesn’t really they waste a whole lot of space compared to other types. After all, you can still place the tub in a corner and some models have a pretty small footprint, being deep rather than wide. This is part of a home remodeled by Simo Design.

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Here’s another stylish example of how an oval freestanding tub can gracefully fill a bathroom corner. It has a nice view outside thanks to the large windows and the open shower on the opposite wall keeps the decor bright and open. Of course, the high and curved ceiling has a lot to do with how awesome this bathroom is. This efortlessly elegant beachside home was a project by Alexander Design.

Symmetrical tubs are definitely the most common ones but there are also some very beautiful ones that don’t conform to that standard. This is one of the possibilities, a curved, asymmetrical tub which you can expect to find in the bathroom suites of the Pantheon Hotel from Rome which was designed by Studio Marco Piva.

Check out this other asymmetrical tub from a beautiful villa in Italy designed by architect Micol Maiga. Its egg-shaped design and smooth curves allow it to contrast with the linear design features surrounding it.

The exquisite tub, the washbasins and the faucets in this bathroom have matching designs, being part of the same collection. That gives the space a cohesive and harmonious appearance. The decor is balanced by the clean, straight lines of the vanity, cabinet and geometric tile patterns. This space was a project by studio Milano Contract District.

In case you were wondering, tubs with rounded and curved forms are a great fit for both large and small bathrooms. Their smooth and sinuous designs can in fact help a small bathroom such as this one look more open and refined. Of course, the rest of the decor elements and all the materials, finishes and colors involved are important too. This particular design was done by Nash Baker Architects.



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