Stylish Bathroom Designs from Delpha

Bathrooms are one of the rooms we want to be the most comfortable and personal as it is somewhere we relax and bathe in.With such elaborately designed bathrooms now becoming more and more popular there are now many different features you can add to your own bathroom to give it a little flair.

Delpha comes with a stylish bathroom collections for your soul, inspired by nature, pop culture, baroque and urban interiors.Most of the designs sport brightly coloured walls with rich use of textures.

I like it when I see simple and modern bathroom features. That is a room that doesn’t need a lot of details. It’s supposed to be mainly functional. Of course, the aesthetic aspect can’t be neglected, so a combination between the two is the perfect choice. And this collection has it all. It’s simple, very functional and it has a nice modern look.

These bathroom designs look more like a bedroom than like e bathroom. They take the comfort and privacy issue and take it to another level. It would be interesting to have a bathroom that looks like this. You might even feel so comfortable in there, you’ll want to move there. Hopefully this will never happen. I really like these designs. At a first look  they might seem a little exaggerated, but after a while, when you think about it, it could be a very pleasant solution. Keep these images in mind the next time you redecorate your bathroom.

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