Stunning winter views enjoyed from the bathtub

Since winter is ready to come with full force soon, here’s something beautiful to think about that will make it seem less scary. Imagine yourself taking a nice warm bath and having a large window to your side with amazing views. You’ll see everything else being covered in snow and freezing while you’ll be relaxing and enjoying the warmth of your home. We have prepared a few wonderful bathtub views to get you inspired.

A ground floor bathroom with a large window and a tub right next to it is an image you could dream about. The contrast between the cold winter views showcasing the trees covered in snow and all the whiteness and the warm and relaxing bathtub waiting for you is amazing. However, there is also coherence between these spaces as they both seem serene and simple.

This is another very simple, minimalist bathroom. It has a contemporary décor featuring a beautiful freestanding bathtub and a large window with panoramic views of the nearby forest. The bathroom also has a bright and very simple décor so the two images present some resembling details.

Here we have a traditional bathroom. It’s large and spacious and it feels very warm and cozy thanks to the rug and the soft lighting. The beige walls and the overall bright but creamy color palette also contributes to an overall inviting look. The views are very beautiful and they complete the décor.

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Being able to relax in the tub while admiring views of the nearby forest or lake is wonderful and very alluring but having the whole city outside your window is quite exciting and beautiful as well. This contemporary bathroom features floor-to-ceiling glass walls and, just in case the views are no longer interesting, a wall-mounted TV.

This is a bathroom with a very soothing décor and atmosphere. It features a beautiful freestanding tub with delicate lines, placed in the corner. It has large windows on two sides showcasing crystalline water reaching the horizon. In order to transfer the beauty and calmness of the views into the bathroom, the décor chosen is very simple, bright and tranquil.

This bathroom features an earthy color palette with brown walls, beige tiled floors and a freestanding bathtub featuring the same color. The contrast between the white window frames and the walls looks elegant, simple and quite refreshing. The panoramic views are just the element this décor needed to stand out and to become extraordinary.

This bathroom is quite interesting. It has a décor that is relatively simple and yet that tends to have a dramatic impact. The colors chosen interact beautifully and create bold contrasts. The tiled floors introduce a range of earthy color tones while the red and black accent walls add a little drama to the mix. The large mirror and the window with wonderful views create the impression of a more open and airy space.

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Even though this portion of the bathroom includes nothing but a freestanding bathtub with a minimalist white design, it looks very dynamic. That’s because of the panoramic views of the surrounding landscape that can be admired through the two large windows. The rich brown window frames add the touch of color the décor needed to feel complete.

This bathroom is long and narrow and this makes it difficult to find a suitable interior design. Nevertheless, the fact that it has a large window at one end featuring panoramic views of the surrounding area allowed the décor to be organized around that area.

This traditional bathroom looks larger than it actually is. That’s because the three windows are being reflected into the windows. The décor is symmetrical, featuring two sink cabinets, one on each side, with mirrors and matching light fixtures. In the center there’s a freestanding bathtub with an elegant chandelier above it.

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