Spin bathroom collection from ps+a Palomba Serafini Associati

The bathroom is the place where people go for privacy, relaxation and alone time. Any bathroom has two basic components: the shower unit or bathtub and the toilet area together with the washbasin. It’s not a very nice combination if you ask me but that’s the way it is. Maybe someone will finally realize at some point that those two sides shouldn’t be together in the same room.

Anyway, today we’ll be focusing on the part that involves the toilet and the washbasin. These two pieces almost seem like a duo, like a couple that should always stick together. ps+a Palomba Serafini Associati noticed that too and they designed Spin. It’s a bathroom collection that features a toilet and a washbasin that share the same design. The similarities between the two pieces are very visible and they go as far as possible. That’s why the toilet unit is suspended and hangs on the wall. This way it looks just like the washbasin in terms of design and shape.

Spin is a collection that attempts to combine beauty and functionality. Sure enough, both pieces share the same curved lines and graceful silhouette. The overall design is extremely simple. It’s a basic look with small modifications but it’s enough to make it special. The pieces come in white and they are very versatile both because of the design and color.

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