Sophisticated Bathroom Designs That Use Marble To Stay Trendy

Marble has a reputation for being one of the most luxurious home design materials. Marble tiles are extremely durable and can last for generations if maintained properly. This being said, it’s no wonder marble bathrooms never go out of fashion. Their timeless beauty inspires us year after year.

In some cases, marble has a more pronounced vein. By using it on the bathroom walls you create a less uniform and often sketchy décor, especially if the color combination is white and grey.

You can take advantage of the unique patterns featured by the marble tiles or slabs and create some really artistic decors.

Marble tiles often give the bathroom a sophisticated look. The walls look more uniform even if the pattern is not particularly well-defined.

Creating symmetrical designs with marble tiles is not exactly easy but not impossible either.

You can match your bathroom flooring with the countertops to get a more cohesive décor.

Use marble to add a little bit of drama to the bathroom. But keep in mind that the rest of the décor should be as simple as possible.{found on lukecartledge}.

Instead of opting for marble floors, you can use this sumptuous material on the walls for a bigger impact. Match the marble vein to other accents throughout the room.{found on bubblesbathrooms}.

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Combine two or more different types of marble. For example, use a darker color in combination with something lighter to create a little contrast.{found on chrissnookphotography}.

A marble tub would be a luxurious addition to any bathroom. Complement it with a marble countertop for the vanity and keep the rest of the décor minimalist.

Use marble to make a tiny bathroom stand out. It’s the perfect way to keep the décor simple yet sophisticated.{found on nnarchitecture}.

Sometimes marble can be a lit overwhelming so consider only using it on one accent wall, maybe also on the floor and around the tub. If it’s white marble, paint the rest of the walls white as well.{found on dawndeyong}.

Use big marble slabs for the walls and tiles for the floor. It’s more practical this way and you get to simplify the décor by eliminating unnecessary patterns.{found on studiobecker}.

Combine black and white marble and use it in key areas. For example, this oval tub rests on a black marble platform and the shower is enveloped in white marble.{found on zackdevito}.

This is also an interesting approach. The walls are only halfway covered with marble which makes the décor look unexpected but also eye-catching.

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The marble wall behind the tub is stunning. And the way they grey veins are complemented by purple accents is absolutely glamorous.{found on oliverburns}.

Calacatta marble is among the most popular types. Available in a variety of shades and always featuring unique patterns, it’s ideal if you want your bathroom to look sophisticated and simple at the same time.

Combine different textures and materials to create a harmonious bathroom design. The wooden flooring makes the space feel warm and relaxing while the marble gives it a refined look.

Play with shapes and patterns. Combine abstract design with repetitive elements and artistic accents and keep the colors constant.

A marble double vanity with a modern and minimalist design is a timeless element for a bathroom.

The grey marble vein on the walls soften the décor and result in a balanced look, combined with the clean lines featured by the vanity and mirror.

Marble floors are often exposed. However, you can opt for a rug or carpet. Still, it would be a shame to hide that unique design.

Dark marble is less popular in bathroom but still a valid option. It can, however, look overwhelming. Brown, in this case, was combined with a light background and the bathroom features a half and half décor.



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