Slim And Modern Shower Drain Systems For The Minimalist In You

Beauty lies in the details and that applies to everything, even something as insignificant as a shower drain. Actually, nothing is completely insignificant, at least not to everyone. The shower drain may seem like a very small cog in a very large machine but it is a cog nonetheless and it deserves our attention, especially when we want a design to be perfect from every point of view. We looked at some linear shower drain designs as well as a few other types and this is what stood out.

Super flat shower drains can be quite hard to come by, especially if you’re also a bit picky when it comes to the design. A lot of modern and contemporary bathrooms are now designed with a floor-level shower and the Advantix channel is one of the best options when it comes to drains, both in terms of versatility and aesthetic appeal. Check out how sleek it is….exactly what a minimalist shower needs.

The Neodrain channel is another cool example. It’s made of strong stainless steel with a brushed finish which offers protection against corrosion and rust. A shallow V profile helps direct the water flow towards the drain outlet while an internal slope eliminates any remaining water from the channel. A cool thing about this design is that it’s very sleek and this has a lot to do with that surface on top of the grate which lets you insert any type of tile so make the channel to look as if it’s perfectly embedded into the floor.

If for whatever reason you prefer a shower drain with an exposed grate, check out this model. It’s very similar to the channel shown above but with a major design difference: there’s no slot at the top for custom tiles. Instead, this drain has a removable stainless steel grate. From a practical point of view, this makes it easier to clean the drain. Available on Amazon.

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Versatility is also a defining characteristic of this particular shower drain. As all the others, it’s made of strong and sturdy stainless steel with a rust-proof finish and while a stylish and modern shower would be the place where we’d most expect to see this feature, you can also install it in kitchens, basements and even in the garage. It’s a pretty alternative to a lot of other types of drains, most of which are not nearly this good-looking. Available on Amazon.

This shower drain is a bit special and that’s mostly because of its L shape. You can find it in two sizes, both suited for 2” drain openings. It’s a great option for a corner shower. The design is simple, linear and symmetrical and although there’s no option to camouflage it with matching tiles on top, this drain is actually versatile enough to look natural and at home in just about any decor. Found on Amazon.

With eight different sizes to choose from, this linear shower drain has one of the most popular and practical designs out there. It has a tapered bottom outlet and a removable grate and it fits drain openings that measure 2” in diameter. This is also one of the easiest to install linear drains. Available on Amazon.

If simplicity is what you value most when it comes to your shower design, then everything has to be just right and that includes everything not just the tiles, the partitions or the fixtures. The drain is as important as everything else and the Cleanline design has its priorities straight.

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There are also systems which are more than just shower drains. One of them is the Proshower which is a water collection duct system available with a selection of 6 different stainless steel grids and in 5 different lengths. It has a smooth and shiny surface with an overall height of 85 mm and it’s designed to be installed flush with the floor.

From an aesthetic point of view, the smaller a shower drain is the better. Some designs are quite successful with this feature, like the Easy Drain Aqua Jewels. It has a square shape and a high-adjustable grate support frame as well a sealing membrane which ensures a watertight and seamless connection between the drain and the bathroom floor.

Speaking of small shower drains, there’s one which you’ll barely notice. It’s called S-line and it’s so slim that it looks like a regular space divider between the shower floor tiles. It may very well be the smallest shower drainage system to date. Its slim nature makes it the ideal candidate for minimalist, contemporary shower designs.

When it comes to sleek and stylish shower drains, whatever the type may be, Infinity Drain has lots of cool designs to offer. Whether you want a linear design, a center drain system or even a custom one, here you can find a wide range of options to choose from.



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