Sleek bathroom sink by ArtCeram

A modern bathroom is characterized by sleek furniture and simple fixtures. Minimalism has made its way through all the rooms of the house, including this one. The bathroom sink is maybe not the first thing that you see when entering the room but the most utilized accessory in there. This particular sink has a design that would make any modern bathroom look stunning.

There are some restrictions when it comes to integrating the sink into the bathroom. For example, its dimensions and shape make it more suitable for large bathrooms. The sink needs to stand on a flat platform for stability and it also needs to be matched with similar fixtures and furniture pieces. It was designed by ArtCeram and it’s a part of the Naked collection. As the name suggests, the components of this collection have stripped the designs and reduced them to minimalism. It’s the shape and pure design that makes them stand out.

The lack of decorations and accessories allow you to focus on the design itself and it makes it easier to find matching products. The sink has a very slim and sleek design. Its dimensions give plenty of space for the water to disperse. The design is contemporary and geometrical, introducing a new way of perceiving these objects. The ArtCeram sink would be a very stylish addition to any modern and contemporary bathroom but, preferably, one with large dimensions.

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