Skip Diamond Faucet by Maier

Beautiful, sparkling and luxury objects have always been eye catching. People are attracted to all that looks fine, refined and glamorous. Jewelries, expensive cars, gorgeous dresses are things which impress us more if their design is attractive, bright and modern.If you have a modern kitchen or bathroom, Maier has a proposal for you.

It presents you these skip diamond faucets which come from Spain.Usually, faucets are not items that can be attractive designed. They are practical objects which we all need in our kitchens or bathrooms.

Maier presents you something which is also eye catching and can stir up your interest.It presents you these types of faucets which are embellished with two rows of Swarovski crystals, with rich metallic finishes of chrome, gold or satin gold.The crystals are fixed to the lever and each model has a certificate of guarantee for five years.


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