Simple washer basin from Antonio Lupi

For those people who follow modern trend and fashion, being up to date with international trends regarding home decorations, means not only to apply industrial themes of by furniture made out of steel and glass, but to decorate every single inch of the house to suit their needs for style. Among the targeted areas there are also  bathrooms. When we picture modern bathrooms we think of hi-tech gadgets, maybe a mirror that is also a TV, so when you’re washing your face, take a bubble bath or put on some make-up you can watch the news or receive information about weather, or a sensor that automatically combines hot and cold water when you’re taking a shower, state-of-the-art scales that not only shows how much you weigh but also keeps track of your evolution over the years.

Until that kind of modern bathroom where the evolution focuses on technology, we now present you a bathroom where evolution focuses on design.This is called “Exelen” and it was created by Antonio Lupi and Gabriele and Oscar Burrati. Their newly launched line contain  elements for full bathroom, including wash basins, bath-tubs, showers and pieces of furniture both  horizontal and vertical allowing many different combinations.

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The organic feel and look push this bathroom towards a natural symbiosis  between functionality and design. All working hand in hand, the fine curves inspired by nature and sharp edges from the industrial, man-made reminiscent design. Is everything about look these days because the functional side can be attached to  almost everything.



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