Simple Axor Starck Bathroom Faucet Collection

The ‘Axor Starck’ has a nice modern look, it is uncompromisingly minimalistic. The collection is simple, with a simple design, simple lines, no disruptive elements, unnecessary decorations. But the simpler it is, the more sophisticated and modern it is.The manufacturer, Hansgrohe , exists since 1901 and it is a preeminent manufacturer and global pioneer in the kitchen and bath industry.The beautiful colors of the material from which the tap is made and the speed with which you can turn the water on and off, gives a modern touch to your bathroom.

The ‘Axor Starck’ is the best way to resolve your renovation problems, because you don’t have to search anymore a tap to fit in. This one is so great that fits on any design! The unique design is made for you and it will delight you every time you enter the bathroom. The exclusive chrome color gives a contemporary touch.

The Axor Starck is a beautiful tap, perfectly made for your sink or bathtub. This tap is so nice that you can put the same one in your entire house, and in your bathroom you can have even two or three taps. You can play with the design and get the best with ‘Axor Starck’ for your home. The tap is probably the object from your bathroom that you see and use the most. That’s why it should be carefully chosen. Besides a pleasant design, a tap also needs to be made from high quality materials so it doesn’t easily break.

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