Simple and inviting wooden furniture collection for the bathroom

Not a lot of people would consider to have their bathroom covered in wood. The simplest explanation is that wood is not a very good choice for the bathroom because of the humidity. This is true but not in all cases. Nowadays there have been made some improvements in this area and the result was a water-resistant type of wood. This means that the humidity will not be affecting it anymore and they might even become friends.

“Invisible” is the name of a very beautiful furniture collection designed for modern bathrooms. All the pieces are made of wood, more exactly of a particular type of wood called hackmatack, or mélèze in french, Besides the obvious advantage of being resistant to humidity and other related aspects, this collection also benefits from the advantages of wooden pieces of furniture. You must have observed by now that homes with wooden furniture, especially those where there has been preserved the natural color of the material, have a more inviting and cozy atmosphere. This is an important aspect, considering that out collection was designed for the bathroom.

The pieces feature simple designs and fine and elegant lines, all created by Matteo THUN & RAPSEL. Furthermore, all the sanitary installations are hidden under wooden modules, thus the suggestive name. Having this collection in your bathroom will definitely create a very nice, intimate and warm atmosphere, perfect for that particular room of the house.

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