Silver toothbrush/razor holders

There are several bathroom items that you need to use on a regular basis, so you don’t want them in the bathroom cabinet, but somewhere where you can reach them easily. Most people use a glass for the toothbrush or for the razor, but sometimes this does not match the design of your bathroom or you simply don’t like it. In this case you’d better find a more stylish holder for them and I have found the perfect one for you.

This is a special set of three holders for the bathroom that you can use either for the toothbrush or for the razor. These holders are really stylish and look really nice because they are made of zinc and real silver. The three holders have different shapes – a hoof, a trunk and a pedestal, but they all look really nice and classy. This can be the perfect gift for your brother, husband or father when you want to surprise them with a special present on a special occasion. Purchase the set now for $49 from Kontextur.


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