Shower Remodel – How To Make Your Bathroom Look Great For Less

When you start to get bored with your home and every little imperfection starts to stand out more and more, it’s time for a remodel. There are plenty of changes to be made in each room of the house. In the bathroom, a shower remodel might be nice. It’s something that would change the entire space but wouldn’t necessarily bring your bathroom remodel cost too high. Of course, it’s all relative but a bit of inspiration is always needed. We selected a few projects that we think you might find enlightening in this case.

Before anything else, if you want to give your shower a remodel, you might have to remove some tiles first. Assuming you’re not hiring a professional to do this, you can learn how to remove tile yourself without a ton of effort. You might be able to do with only a hammer and a crowbar in which case there’s no need to invest in expensive tools and equipment.

Once you’ve removed the old tiles it’s time to install the new ones. You can do this part by yourself as well since it’s not overly difficult. However, you do need to understand some basics and to use the right tools and materials. You can learn how to tile a shower from our tutorial and there are also plenty of others that you can find online.

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Before you cover your shower walls with new tiles, take some time to decide whether or not you want to have a few accessories integrated into the walls. For example, a corner shelf could be useful for storing all the toiletries on. It would be a good idea to opt for a built-in tile shelf if you prefer a minimalistic design in general.

Part of learning how to install new shower tiles is getting familiar with the grouting, sealing and caulking process. This adds the finishing touches and makes the shower waterproof. At the same time, it’s an opportunity to perhaps add some contrast to the decor and play with different colors.

There are plenty of remodel projects that you can find inspiration in. Here’s a great example of how some new tiles and a few extra bits can make a space look totally different. This was originally just a regular tub. After the remodel you can see that new tiles were installed on the walls and a few built-in nooks were created, effectively turning this into a nice tub and shower combo. Check out the full project on imgur.

Even though the shower enclosure is pretty small you can actually do a lot with it. Sure, installing new tiles on the walls and the floor can make a big difference but you can also add a few extras like a built-in wall niche or two, a small seat and anything else you find useful. You can use this shower remodel project from imgur as a point of reference.

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Some transformations can be quite striking. We’re talking new colors, new tiles, accessories, fixtures and so on. We really like how colorful this kids’ bathroom is and the fact that it’s fun and vibrant without being over the top detailed. The shower and tub combo is looking really nice, with long curtains and a compact size. If you want to find out more about this shower remodel you can check out studiodiy.

There’s another really nice bathroom remodel project that we want to share with you and this one uses some clever design tricks to make the space look larger. The after images show just how much of a difference these details can make. For example, there’s a ceiling-mounted shower curtain, new tiles and a black ceiling which make the entire space look amazing. Check out roomfortuesday for more details.



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