Shower Floor Ideas That Reveal The Best Materials For The Job

When designing or renovating a bathroom with a shower, some things require special consideration. The shower floor is one of them. We’re referring mostly to the material it’s made of. It needs to be able to withstand the constant moisture in the room, to be easy to clean and to also look good. Given these requirements, the options are limited but, even so, there are plenty of shower floor ideas to choose from.

Marble Shower Floors

Marble gives a luxurious look to any space it’s used in. As a shower floor material, however, that comes with a price. Marble scratches and chips easily so it might not be the best option in this case. In addition, it’s a porous material which can be easily damaged by certain substances and you need to choose your cleaning products and toiletries carefully. Then there’s also the price which might discourage some, compared to other materials.

A marble shower floor can coordinate with other marble surfaces in the bathroomGo for an all-marble shower for a unified and eye-catching look with a unique pattern
Wood floors

Because the bathroom and the shower in particular is such a humid environment, it can be quite tricky to introduce a wooden floor here. Nevertheless, it can be done and it looks extraordinary. Some types of wood and better than others.Teak wood, for instance, contains a resin that makes it naturally water-resistant. Still, you should make you have a proper draining system to avoid unnecessary damage.

If you choose wood for your shower floor, you could match it with the vanity for a nice balanceThe way in which this wooden shower floor was combined with the sunken tub is very clever and practicalOnly use wood for the shower floor section and a different material for the rest of the room’s floorA wooden shower floor adds warmth to the space and creates a spa-like ambianceMake sure the water doesn’t gather on the surface of the wood to maximize the floor’s durabilityWood is an excellent material for outdoor showers or for bathrooms with some sort of connection to the outdoorsThe fact that the wooden shower floor doesn’t match anything else in the room allows it to make a statementTo better showcase your beautiful shower floor, opt for glass partitions and a walk-in design

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Just like wood, pebbles are a great option if you want to create a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere and decor in your bathroom. They’re also ideal for outdoor showers and they present several other advantage, not necessarily related to their aesthetic appeal. For instance, pebbles are naturally slip-proof and they also feel very comfortable underfoot.

Pebbles are actually great in the bathroom regardless if you have a shower or notYou can use pebbles on the floor of pretty much any type of shower. They’re so versatile they fit all styles
There are all sorts of interesting combinations of materials to try, one being stone/ pebbles and woodPebble floors are very comfortable and they provide great traction, this making them ideal for showersIf you really like the look of pebbles on your shower floor, you can also use them on the walls

The pros definitely outweigh the cons in the case of porcelain as a material for shower floors. First of all, porcelain tiles are durable and water-proof which is already enough to make them a great choice for bathrooms. In addition, they’re very versatile and they come in lots of different shapes, sizes, colors and styles. However, they can be pretty slippery if they don’t have a textured surface so you should definitely keep that in mind.

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Some porcelain tiles are designed to mimic the look of other materials such as marble or stoneStay away from glossy tiles and look for textured designs. Any imperfections are good in this caseThere are tiles that mimic the look of wood, with texture, color and everythingMatch the tiles on the floor with those on the walls for a unified and minimalist lookWith so many different types of porcelain tiles to choose from, there’s always an option for every bathroom

Concrete is one of the best materials when it comes to shower floors. It’s a porous material and this gives it a lot of traction. However, the same thing allows it to soak up a lot of water and to avoid that you need to make sure that a concrete shower floor is properly sealed. They being said, you can’t really go wrong with a sealed concrete floor. It’s simple, easy to clean and very versatile. Moreover, it introduces a lovely texture and color into the decor.

Polished stone and concrete can be very slippery so opt for a textured finish insteadIf you’re using concrete in the shower, you might as well make it an all-bathroom lookIf you like the raw, unfinished look of concrete, you can also use it on the wallsYou can polish a concrete floor if you like the look. Just don’t make it too slipperyThe solid look of concrete surfaces is great for contemporary bathroomsAlternate different materials for different sections of your bathroom floor



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