Shower Curtain With Butterfly Pattern

Some people have shower cabins in their bathroom and they are surrounded by glass walls, not letting the water out. But most people with a family have a normal bathroom with a bathtub that they can use either for long relaxing baths or for quick invigorating showers. Well, the latest case needs something to keep the water away from the bathroom floor and walls, that prevents the whole bathroom from getting wet and the rug from getting soaked.

The best solution is the shower curtain that is very useful and also brings a special feature if beautiful and funny. This Shower Curtain With Butterfly Pattern is perfect for any house, as it spreads happiness and love and shows beautiful creatures and makes a special bond with nature.

The shower curtain is entirely made of cotton, which is a very absorbent material and this allows the curtain to retain all the water spilled from the shower head, not leaving it on the bathroom floor. Cotton is also very nice to touch, especially on bare sensitive skin. It is hypo-allergenic, too, so perfect for everybody, especially since it is machine washable. The butterfly pattern bring beauty and sensitivity, nature and life to your bathroom, making it look like a piece of heaven. The item can now be bought for $39.99 from West Elm.

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