Serene Blue Bathrooms: Ideas & Inspiration

Blue is one of the most versatile colors on the chart. Timeless when paired with warm neutrals, hipster when paired with patterns and it still emits a relaxing, soothing look. It’s one of the most present colors in your daily life, which is probably why so many people feel so comfortable being surrounded by blue, of all and any shades. And today, we’re talking about blue bathrooms. The color of the sky and the color of the ocean, blue is the perfect choice for any of your powder rooms. Let’s take a look at some beautiful ideas and inspiration when creating a serene, spa-like bathroom!

My favorite pairing for a bathroom is a soothing color accented by bright whites. I like my bathrooms to feel clean and refreshed, so when you pair a true blue with the crisp shade, there’s no way you won’t have a space that breathes life into you every time you take a bubble bath. Accent the couple with some silver mirrors and faucets for a fresh feel.

If you’ve got the chance to have a beautiful tiled bath tub or shower, take it. Then make the choice for the tiles to be blue. It’ll be like you’re vacationing at your favorite beach resort every time you take a shower. Using the tiles in blue, give you the texture you want and the style you want without losing at the serene appeal of powdery walls or navy hues.

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For something of more elegance, try using a blue shade that has a bit of grey mixed in. It gives it a neutral tone and a little bit of a masculine feel that easily translates into a Victorian theme. Add a bit of golden accents and maybe even some black for even more of a design element. And don’t be afraid to dress the bathroom entirely in blue. The atmosphere will change from a fresh, upbeat feel to a luxurious spa.

Then, there’s the modern choice. Use chocolate browns, light blue and ivory color-blocks for a contemporary look. White walls, blue floors and shower tiles and a rich, brown cabinet will make for a clean, neutral styling. And a fresh yellow flower on the windowsill will add just the right amount of cheer.

Of course you can always pair a great blue color with another bright tone, but making blue the star of the room will give you that extra bit of relaxation other colors just can’t give. Stay with light neutrals for accents and outlines so you can really have a true blue bathroom.

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