Self Standing Sink by Qin

Every day I come across another design, today I have found interesting this Self Standing Sink by Qin which features a stunning glass block topped by a clear glass basin. This creation can be standing in a corner or up against a wall, or set it free in the center of your bathroom. The Sink by Qin is available with gold leaf, silver, copper, or a velvet finish in a range of colors.


It’s elegant and simple and the color is appropriate for the bathroom. It also provides very useful storage space for cleaning products or for the hair dryer for example. There never enough storage space in the bathroom. Especially if there a woman living in the house. This piece is very simple and neutral so it’s suited for both men and women. The glass adds some elegance and the light brown color reminds of the wood color. Whatever you style is, there’s no way you won’t like this piece.



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