Savannah Divided Hamper & Liner

No matter how hard you try and how good a housekeeper you are, how hard you clean everything in your house – you will still have a permanent problem: where to store the dirty clothes? You can’t just throw them in the washing machine every time you wear them because you will waste a lot of time and energy for washing just a few clothes, so you need to store them somewhere.

Put them in the bathroom and if the storage unit is made of plastic, they will start getting mold if they are a bit moist or if there’s moist in the bathroom from your showers. Yes, bad idea. If you store them in any other room it will not be so nice, especially if you have dirty socks in there … you know what I mean. So you must keep them somewhere in the bathroom but in an appropriate storage like a hamper.

Look at this useful and nice looking liner that is called Savannah and is made of natural fibers! It is the perfect solution for this problem. This storage unit is made of handwoven seagrass that is wrapped around a metallic frame in order to have a steady support and not to collapse when full. It is natural and offers enough air flow so as to avoid getting mold and it is divided into two or three compartments where to place the laundryof different sizes or colours.

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The hamper has some cut-out handles that allow you to move it easily from one place to another. It is delivered together with some cotton canvas liners that remove for cleaning. These liners can be washed in warm water in the washing machine and the hamper can now be purchased for a very good price from Pottery Barn – about $150.



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