Savana Collection of Crocodile Skin Tiles

When you hear the word savanna you immediately think about wild animals, about lions and antelopes, but also about crocodiles. Well, Savana collection from Petracer gives you the exact same feeling. Petracer is an Italian manufacturer or bathroom tiles and other things and this particular collection tries to bring an exotic air to your bathroom. You can see tiles that have a special print reminding you of zebra skin, but also a lot of models that look like crocodile skin.

It’s really unexpected to see this pattern on the walls of your bathroom, but at least you will know for sure you have an unique and original bathroom design. When you first look at the tiles you have the impression it’s actually crocodile skin from some expensive shoes, but it’s only a very well designed tile pattern. Even the colours are strong and vivid, reminding you of the strong colours and feelings associated to this part of the world.


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