Sage Oval Frameless Bath Mirror

Every house has a bathroom and every bathroom has a mirror. Almost all mirrors have a frame that supports it, but to my surprise a frameless bathroom mirror looks even more interesting. It is nice and delicate and has a very fine design that makes it smooth and graceful, perfect for a modern home. This is the Sage Oval Frameless Bath Mirror that you can find on Lowes. The mirror is very elegant and stylish and big enough to make an impression on whoever can see it (26″H x 23-7/8″W).

The mirror is oval in shape and is frameless, being fixed to the wall with two silver fixtures. It is easy to install and hangs safely and gracefully to the wall. The mirror is also available in other kinds of finishes and can be purchased from the Lowes stores. It is produced by Moen and I simply love it.This is once again the living proof of the fact that simple is always nice. If you have a modern and simple bathroom and also if you have a modern bathroom, you will never make a mistake by purchasing this mirror. It is simple in design and yet very appropriate for any bathroom, be it modern or old-fashioned, big or small.

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