S Shaped Sink Design

I love black and also I`m a big fan of black and white designs.The S Shaped Sink Design is a concept but it seems to be a good idea.There are countless types of sinks that you can choose from, and even more styles within each type. When it is available I will let you know and if you don`t like this color you can opt for another one that  fits your bathroom.

S Shape Sink Design

The basic concept for designing this sink is the S shape. The designer had an unusual, yet a brilliant idea of hitting two birds with the same stone, meaning that he wanted to have a sink and also a bathroom vanity at the same time, using a single design and material. That is why he designed this piece of work where you can see an uninterrupted line shaped as an S.

The upper part of the S is the bathroom sink, shown as a shallow space in the top and it continues down as two bathroom shelves that you can use for storing different bathroom items. The designer Cenk KARA probably intended to use a thick sheet of plastic material or carbon fiber that is easy to be shaped and also pretty resistant.


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