Reversible Green Bath Towels from Crate and Barrel

When I was a little girl I had a reversible jacket and I was very proud of it. I could turn it on the other side every time I got bored of one colour or when I had a little stain, so I could use the other side just fine. It was very interesting and cool for me and my friends and this was the moment when I realized that there are things you can use more tan once. These Reversible Green Bath Towels from Crate and Barrel remind me of my old jacket and that is because they work on the same principle. Every time you get bored of one side you simple turn the other side and move on.

These bath towels are very thick and plush and very comfortable. They are coloured in green , but the colour shade is lighter on one side and a bit darker on the other side. However, the main colour is the same, so you can use the towel on either side and it will look equally fine.

The towels are made in Brazil and the manufacturers used the best quality cotton for them. They are entirely made of cotton and they have different sizes. You can wash them in the washing machine, but make sure you set the programme and temperature for cotton. The whole set can now be purchased from Caret&Barrel for a variable price, depending on what you want to buy, as the towels cost between $2.95 and $29.95, depending on size.

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