Relaxing Nature Bathroom Design in Black and White

The presence of nature concept in your bathroom makes you imagine taking a bath somewhere in the middle of nature. The green image makes you relax, feel fresh and comfortable. Although we talk about a minimalist design, the idea of comfort is supported well by the modern accessories. We speak about an X Gate mixer valve with volume control, deck-mounted basin spout and glass container wall model, a hand shower and much more.

It is an elegant bathroom designed in black and white nuances but the idea of picturesque and color is brought by the image of nature that it is at the back of the bathtub. You get your own natural, comfortable corner meant to create a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere for you.

Nature is the one that makes us feel fresh, full of energy and brings us peace and comfort.

This type of bathroom combines the modern facilities of technology that assure you all the comfort that you need and the freshness and relaxing atmosphere created by the image of nature.


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