Refreshing ceramic bird bath

When spring first comes, the first noticeable thing are the birds that come back from other exotic places and their beautiful song that enchants our ears. Everybody loves birds, no matter how old or how friendly that person is. For those who enjoy watching these little creatures and listening to their beautiful song, Eva Solo has created this beautiful ceramic bird bath that can be incorporated in any garden, deck, terrace or other open space.

It’s a very nice decorative piece that allows you to closely admire these beautiful creatures while still respecting their privacy and freedom. The structure is composed of a ceramic dish, a decorative water supply, all on a tall metal spike with rubber on the metal pole to stabilize the whole structure. The piece us very good-looking and simple and it’s also frost resistant so you don’t have to worry about it during the winter.

Eva Solo also designed other similar pieces like bird feeders or small bird houses. If you’re a bird lover this is the designer you should work with. You can turn your garden into a very pleasant space where people and birds can peacefully coexist. It’s not difficult at all and I’m sure the little cute creatures will be very thankful for your gesture as they will have a quiet place to relax, wash their feathers, drink some water or eat some seeds.

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