Red and White Bathroom Design

Bathrooms are not the most important rooms in the house, but it is very important to have a nice bathroom, so as to feel fine when you are there. But, even if you are not home too long and do not spend too much time in the bathroom, you certainly want a nice and modern looking bathroom if your home is cool and stylish.

My suggestion for today is to try a very strong, but amazing combination of colours in the bathroom: white and red. The cool white suggests cleanliness and coldness and it’s very appropriate for this room, but the red brings passion and style. For example you can try to use fiery red accessories against a totally white wall and floor. A red vanity combined with a red mirror and even red towels are the perfect combination.

Red is a powerful colour : it has a great visual impact, so do not exaggerate with its use or you might obtain quite the opposite effect, meaning you will have the feeling of irascibility and anger if you stay in the room for several minutes just because you are surrounded by the colour of blood.  However, even if you have a red background, use only white details and the result will be perfect. But do not add some other strong colours.

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It’s a good idea to use simple toilets or sinks that have only a small red detail that goes with the rest of the bathroom design. Or maybe you can use some very interesting and unique stone sinks or copper sinks that make a strong impression from the very beginning. If the bathroom is very simple in design, but large in size, you can use a funky modern chair or an impressive crystal hanging chandelier.



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