Quartz Wash Basins from Giquadro

Usually the bathroom wash basin is a bit small, just enough to allow us to wash our hands and face. We never regard it as an expensive piece for the home or as something that could be luxurious. But if you want to have a special wash basin , something that is unique and special and also looks really nice, then you can buy yourself a quartz wash basin from Giquardo. This wash basin is really special because it is made of a special material: granite natural stone in combination with composite quartz.

These nice looking wash basins are not round or oval like most other basins, but their shape is square, which gives them the name, as the Italian for square is “quadro”. Another unusual and interesting thing is that these wash basins are sculpted from a single block of stone, the precious granite I mentioned before. Of course the material is pretty expensive which makes the wash basin expensive, too, but it is worth it as it’s singular and special and makes your bathroom a special place


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