Playful Kids Bath from Sonia

Bianca is my sweet little girl who like many kids of her age is very dynamic and curious. She is one and almost a half and she knows already every space of our house. Nothing can escape from her curiosity. She knows where is the kitchen with all sorts of cabinets, the deposit room, the balcony and the bathroom of course. Lately she is fascinated by the toothpaste recipient and the toothbrushes. As she watches us al the time she already knows what to do with a toothbrush although she has only five teeth.

Usually kids are very good imitators and another way to teach them new things, is to use games or playful things and spaces.The playful Kids Bath Lesson collection by Sonia creates an attractive space which combines a bathroom with educational products which are meant to teach kids things about personal hygiene. It is an attractive and beautiful space where there are used vivid colors, funny shapes and illustrations inspired by characters by illustrator and designer Sandra Valencia Navarro (a.k.a. Lalalimola).

Here kids may take care of their body and at the same time feel like on a playground field. Besides all these lovely things the cabinet encourages kids to express their creativity and imagination using drawing. It is an erasable and washable cabinet which will offer kids a new space for drawing.

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Take a look to the funny sink, to the colored cabinet or the modern and attractive furniture and you will convince yourself of the eye-catching bathroom where kids will love to spend a lot of time.



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