Play Modern Bathroom Furniture from SONIA

Play also is a latest perfume from Givenchy. But our PLAY is a latest bathroom furniture collection from SONIA. Combining oak and lacquers, in a “fifties” finishes range, fill in of expression this minimalist and retro piece. In 2009 Sonia comes with a new finish concept: SOFT.


Who said bathrooms can’t be stylish and elegant as well? They are still part of the house. You might not spend a lot of time in there, but they still need to be pleasant. So here are some ideas of pieces and features that you might want to include in there. They all share the simplicity and elegance of a stylish bathroom design. There are several color options, starting with the usual black which is always a good choice and continuing with brown tones and also some bright choices of blue and red or pink. You could choose to keep it simple and in neutral tones, or you can choose to add some color to the room.

Whatever you choice is, it will definitely look very good when complemented will all the other features that a bathroom must include. Take a look at these options and maybe one of them will speak to you.

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