Pink bathroom

Normally people choose neutral colors for the bathroom like yellow, light green or most of the times white. Very few people though have the courage to paint their bathrooms in colors that are associated with one sex or another , for example pink for the girls and blue for the boys. Of course this does not mean that if I have a blue bathroom only boys are allowed in it. But still, the human mind is an intriguing tool.


I , for example, love pink bathrooms, but those painted and arranged with style, in nice and warm colors and not those bathrooms that have an electric pink on the walls that make you feel sick. Here, like in any other field, too much is too much and if you keep things simple they will look better, too.

I like this particular shade of pink that is very sweet and kind, soothing the senses and being pleasant for the eyes. Besides, it can be very easily combined with white, for example a nice little white vanity in your pink bathroom and with a white fluffy carpet where the size of the bathroom allows it.

Another perfect combination might be with brown furniture and the overall aspect will be one of cleanliness and style and elegance. Either in the small bathroom of an apartment in the block or in a sumptuous villa on the shore of the ocean, the pink bathroom is a good choice.

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