Perspective Mirror

I am sure you have all noticed that your reflection in the mirror depends a lot on the angle of the mirror, the accuracy and the light reflected by it. It reminds me of the old fairs where you entered the hall of mirrors where you could see yourself reflected in a dozen different ways, either too fat or too long, too wavy or with an unusually big head.

I also know it is very important to have a good mirror when you shave or make up, so you need one that you can adjust depending on the angle you need. How about having a special mirror that will show your face in a dozen angles, all at the same time? This way you can check all facets and all the parts of your face and body. This is the Perspective Mirror that gives you perspective.

This mirror is actually made of many smaller mirrors that are oriented in different ways in different angles and you can only see the final result. It is made of mirrored glass and steel and has a nice matte black finish.Also can be used on living room bedroom not only in bathroom. It is made in Taiwan and you can order it online for just $149.

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