Peonia bathroom set from FAP

Bathrooms are important in the house because you go there a few times every day and you certainly want to be relaxed and to feel fine there. That is why we all appreciate a good-looking bathroom and you can do that by simply purchasing a bathroom set that you like from a good and trustworthy company and then place it in your bathroom. You don’t have to hire a designer for this. For example the Italian company – FAP is specialized in ceramic bathroom sets and tiles that you can purchase and order directly on the Internet, in the comfort of your home.

The Peonia bathroom set from FAP drew my attention by its simplicity and effect. You can have your bathroom transformed like in the pictures if you simply place the Peonia ceramic tile on one wall and leave the other walls in a single color (for example gray, white or even pink) as if you use only this model of tiles on all the walls it will look a bit too tiring. And, if you want to balance things and show class you can also add the Peonia bathroom set that has three pieces: a support for the soap , a mug for the toothbrushes and a nice shelf.

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