Pearl Embroidered Bath Rug

Cotton is my choice when it comes to linen and bath towels. I find cotton towels really great, the best ones for this purpose of wiping the water off my face and body. I did have some bath towels made of a mixture of cotton with polyesters, but I was so disappointed because I felt that the towel actually moved the water from one place to another instead of soaking it and removing it. Any way, this beautiful Pearl Embroidered Bath Rug does the same thing: gathers all the water spilled on the bathroom floor and keeps it there until the rug dries or you remove it and hang it out to dry in the sun.

This rug can literally keep your feet on the ground, as cotton is not slippery when it gets wet. Besides all these practical features, the rug has a very nice looking design, as it is embroidered on the edges in a pattern that looks like little pearls. It is made in Portugal and is rather different from all the other rugs you normally see in the bathroom because it is thinner and really white and looking more like a towel, as I said . Any way, this kind of rug is seen in spas and is both beautiful and useful and you can purchase one such item for just $29 from Pottery Barn.

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