Owl Bath Mat

Owls used to be considered very wise animals maybe because of their big eyes and the way they spin their heads like in disbelief. Or maybe because they only come out at night and stay in remote places. But whatever the reason, they are nice. Actually these small animals are kind of cute and fragile, even though they can eat poisonous reptiles. This Owl Bath Mat is perfect for your bathroom and it can remind you of Athens, the goddess of wisdom or maybe just of a deserted house. Bath mats are very good for protecting your feet from the coldness of the tiles or floor and a thick mat or rug is the best thing to have in a cold bathroom.

If you have any kinds then it is imperative to choose a bath rug in a funny shape and design. And this owl shape is perfect. It is funny and the right size for the tiny feet. It is made of soft cotton combined with frayed fabric. This makes it hard to slip on the surface of the bathroom floor and also soft enough to offer a pleasant touch for your feet. It is pretty small in size (just 24″l, 21″w), but this is enough. And you can order it online for only $29.

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