Outside-the-Box Bathroom Tile Ideas

Whether you’ve decided to renovate the guest bathroom and transform it into something entirely different, or you just want a new pop in your master bath, we’re here to show off some snazzy flooring inspiration. From colors to gloss, there are a plethora of ways to make your floors look better and even more functional. So, stop and take a peek at our outside-the-box bathroom tile ideas!

1. Jazzy Honeycombs.

Why not go with a shape that’s not as traditional or popular? Honeycombs are playful and unique, but they also bode well with modern and contemporary styling.

2. Penny Piles.

A bit glamorous and a bit traditional, we love how this penny-esque tile create a warm and luxury vibe. This is perfect for a spacious area or even a stand in shower.

3. Seafoam Stones.

You’ll feel like vacation with these beautiful stones at your feet. They’re a bit more delicate and casual than the usual tile selections, but they’re also a lot more stylish and just plain pretty!

4.Wider Grays.

A bit more muted with more of a trendy, hipster style, these wider gray blocks are the perfect choice for those that like a simpler, contemporary style. Obviously, they look great on the walls too.

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5. Saturated Rainbows.

The color, the personality and the warm shades make for an amazing escape. Jazz up the guest bathroom or go big for your own master bath with this type of bold design.

6. Scattered Bits.

Not everything has to be symmetrical. Sometimes the best and most fashionable looks come from nontraditional, outside-the-box designs, like this scattered tile layout.

7. Salvaged Pieces.

A natural stone floor may be something you’re interested in for a more organic, less-than-perfect look. We love how this particular floor was made by using both salvaged and donated pieces.

8. Vintage Florals.

You can always recreate a vintage style, quite easily. These small, delicate flower details are a great choice for smaller bathrooms.

9. Artistic Focus.

You may even want to go with a more popular tile and slide some bohemian or eclectic tiles in a space to make a focal point. It’s a bit artsy but it’ll create some wow inspiration.

10. Geometric Prints.

For something really loud and dramatic, try out a geometric print. This could be a DIY project or a way to completely transform a bland space. The colors and style are all up to you, it’ll be easy to create a look that’s more feminine or more modern!

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