Outdoor Bathrooms That Emanate Relaxation

They’re becoming widely popular. You’ve seen them on your Pinterest feeds and those blog posts that list the best Airbnb vacation spots. Now everyone wants to soak in a bubbly bathtub with a glass of wine… that’s outside under the big starry night sky. Yes, outdoor bathrooms are a luxury that’s becoming quite sought after. There’s just something about being outdoors while bathing. It’s like skinny dipping, only it’s relaxing instead of electrifying. Some people swear it’s the best way to bond with nature. Because what else do you do in the shower but think? I’m all for an outdoor bathroom if you can swing it in the area you live in and in my opinion, we should consider having them ourselves! Can you imagine bathing under the stars in your own backyard? Here’s some inspiration to get you pumped for installing your own outdoor bathroom.

The Bathtub

Outdoor forest tub

Outdoor field tub

Outdoor covered tub

Outdoor green tub

Outdoor ivy tub

Outdoor gravel tub

Outdoor deck tub

Outdoor safari tub

Outdoor pallet tub

If you’re wanting a place to really infuse your body and your mind with relaxation, you definitely want an outdoor bathtub. A bathtub invites you to slow down and spend a while just being. Splurge on your bubble bath, break out your essential oils and pour a glass of wine and you’re ready to go! You’ll want to think about installing that outdoor tub especially if you have a gorgeous view. Rolling hills, majestic mountains, rushing river, breezy fields, all of these are just ready and waiting to help massage away the stresses of the day. If you live in the forest though, don’t think you got the short end of the stick. The trees around your outdoor bathroom can help provide the privacy you need so include them into your plan. Basically, if you live in a place where you have a little space, you have the opportunity to include an outdoor bathtub. No excuses.

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The Shower

Outdoor bench shower

Outdoor ivy shower

Outdoor stall shower

Outdoor tiled shower

Outdoor pool shower

Outdoor white shower

Outdoor barn shower

Outdoor black shower

Showers can certainly be relaxing, but usually you take a shower for the convenience. Outdoor showers are the perfect combination of relaxation and efficiency. It’s definitely convenient to have an outdoor shower if you have a pool or you live in the mountains where you’re always going for a hike or by the ocean where you are constantly going for a swim. Even if you have kids or dogs, an outdoor shower will wash all the mud off of their feet before they step through your door. But you can certainly use yours to slip away when the kids are in bed and feel that rain shower head pour over you while you watch the stars. Whatever your circumstance, outdoor showers are a wonderful luxury to have. They’re also more affordable to install if you can’t manage the bathtub. So what are you waiting for! Go pick a corner of your house and put one in!

(Images via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)



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