Orbis Ceramic Single Washbasin by Galassia

Modern homes usually to be as different as they possibly can from the traditional, standard homes. So everything is special and unique. A particularity of most modern and contemporary designs is simplicity. We’ve already got used to all the minimalist pieces and, even though they have very few details and decorations, they’re very eye-catching and elegant.

Even the bathroom has to respect those characteristics. A very good example in this case is the Orbis washbasin. It’s part of the Galassia collection that also features other pieces, with the same name but with different designs: Galassia Orbis basin pedestal, Galassia Orbis oval washbasin, Galassia Orbis rectangular basin and Galassia Orbis light cylindrical trap.

The most interesting elements about the pieces from this collection is the way the geometrical shapes work together. All the pieces have a “macrodrain” in the shape of a circle that’s replacing the standard drain. It’s removable and this makes it very easy to clean.

The collection includes wall-hung, semi-recessed, and pedestal basins, all available in white or bronze.The collection was designed by Romano Adolini for Italian firm Galassia. My personal favorite is the round washbasin. It has a soft and delicate shape and it works really good in ceramic. Like someone already noticed, the round washbasin resembles a full moon, a very beautiful image. Of course, you can also compare it to a giant sleeping pill.

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