Onyx Black Bathroom Furniture by Stemik

One of the latest trends in modern furniture is having the color black as the color of your furniture, especially in the bathroom. The collection from Stemik called Onyx, is perfect for an amazing modern and minimalist bathroom.. The main aspect of this collection is the black glass furniture set, which is very attractive.



Glossy black doors are perfectly accentuated by the aluminum frame, which changes this furniture into a real art masterpiece. Straight and pure lines in combination with the black color look awesome and could help to create a modern and refine bathroom design.

Black is always a good choice, no matter if we’re talking about clothes or hair color or furniture. It’s very stylish and elegant in a very simple way. And bathroom should also be stylish, even if it’s mainly functional. With these onyx furniture pieces your bathroom would look stunning. You’ll wish you could spend more time in there.


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