Oceanside shower cabin from Titan

Shower cabins are a great alternative for bathtubs. Of course, if you have a large bathroom you can have them both but usually this doesn’t happen. So a shower unit is the best options for small bathrooms. It takes less space and it’s very practical and functional. In the morning you can take a quick shower and feel fresh and ready to start the day. You could also do that in the bathtub but it’s not the same.

So for those who like shower units and find them practical, we have a special piece. It’s called Oceanside and it’s a minimalist shower cabin that would definitely look good in any bathroom. The most interesting feature about this shower unit is that it’s completely transparent. The walls are made of clear glass and there’s nothing else that could obstruct the view. It’s not a piece that we recommend to those who like privacy and who feel that walls protect them and make them feel safer.

Oceanside by Titan is a modern design that simplifies the concept to a point where there’s nothing else that can be removed. Minimalism is definitely more attractive than useless decorations. This shower unit won’t allow you to take a long bath in the evening but it will definitely spice up your life. It comes in several sizes and different designs but the basics are the same: simplicity and functionality.

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