Modern Bathroom Vanity Designs And The Accessories That Complement Them

There’s more than one way to make a bathroom look stylish and some of the options revolve around the vanity. The bathroom vanity is an important part of this room’s decor and ambiance and its design can impact the functionality of the space in a lot of ways. The design of the vanity is obviously important but sometimes the accessories can impact the space just as much. Let’s have a look at a few specific examples.

We definitely love this vanity, especially its simplicity and pure and simple lines. All of this simplicity would however look bland without this cool faucet and geode handles that come with it. We’re talking about the Isla Gooseneck lavatory faucet set. It’s timeless and simple but it also has plenty of character. You can get it in two versions: with a burnished brass or burnished nickel finish.

Materia Multicolor is a collection of stylish bathroom furniture pieces, including vanities and cabinets. They put an emphasis on the beautiful and natural texture of the wood, as well as on the different color nuances that define it. Most pieces feature a combination of colors in their designs and all of them are characterized by simple and clean lines and a very versatile look that allows them to look chic in lots of different settings.

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This sculptural bathroom vanity is in fact a console table. It’s called Diva and it has a structure made of metal rods which are carefully welded by hand, giving the piece a lightweight and very artistic look. The top is made of teak wood. When used as a bathroom vanity, the console comes with holes for the sink and faucet. The geometry of the design is intricate and eye-catching and that makes this stylish vanity quite special.

This is the Zen console, a simple but very charming piece of furniture ideal for modern bathrooms that aim at a chic, spa-like ambiance and decor. The unit is made of teak wood and large a large storage shelf at the bottom for things like towels and toiletries, while the top is slightly curved at the ends, giving the vanity this playful look. There are four hooks on the sides which can be used for hanging towels.

The sink/ washbasin matters just as much as the vanity it sits on or as the storage cabinet that accompanies them. There are many details which can influence a design. For example, the color of the sink can have an impact of the whole room. Its size and shape also matter and then there’s also the structure of the vanity and the accessories that go with it. You can find some interesting options at Ceramica Flaminia.

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Forget about wood and all the usual materials that bathroom vanities are made of and try to picture something completely different, something that offers a close connection to nature: stone. More exactly, we’re talking about Piasentina stone which comes from a small region in the Alps. It’s rare and it’s beautiful. Look how gorgeous a vanity made of this material looks like.

At the end of the day, it’s important to take a step back and look at the big picture. See how everything comes together, how the vanity interacts with the sink and with the backsplash and pay attention to the characteristics that define each of these elements and the manner in which they complement each other. Casabath offers a series of gorgeous options for every one of these elements.

You can also find a bunch of magnificent bathroom vanity designs and gorgeous accessories in the collections offered by Hafro Geromin. With over 60 years of experience, the company understands bathrooms in a unique way and can share this amazing experience with us by adapting all the important elements to suit our modern homes.



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